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Since 1929, Triumph Thermal Systems (TTS) has been providing high-quality thermal management technologies to commercial customers worldwide.


With in-house design, development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities, along with NewGenAerospace's quality service and innovative programs, the partnership is uniquely able to bring solutions to market faster than anyone else in the business.


Triumph Thermal Systems is a premier solution provider for aircraft thermal management systems and support and they also:


  • provide heat exchangers in aluminum, stainless steel and inconel material options for both plate fin and tubular geometries

  • support Liquid Cooling Systems for airborne electronics thermal management

  • provide high-quality thermal management technologies and is committed to being a leading global manufacturer and supplier of heat exchange and thermal transfer systems and components

  • provide Plate Fin, Tubular, Surface Heat Exchangers, Liquid Cooling Systems, Electronic cooling systems, oil reservoirs and High Temperature Bleed Air Environmental Control System heat exchangers

  • are certified by the FAA, CAAC and EASA.


NewGenAerospace is the aftermarket distributor of TTS' factory new material, rotable product and piece parts. Additionally, we can facilitate the repairs of TTS products and reduce the shop-turn-time to zero with an in-house, customized exchange pool. NewGenAerospace is now the authorized repair management administrator for all Triumph Thermal Systems, Forest OH MRO repair work.

UPDATE: NewGenAerospace is now the dedicated distributor for all GE90 products produced by Triumph Thermal Systems.

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