Reliability and expediency is the name of the game and helping you keep your customers happy is our primary goal. Our company's makeup revolves around three, core tenets to achieve this goal.



We want to satisfy all of our customers supply needs, however, integrity
is first and foremost in any business transaction and relationship that
we have with our customers and partners.



Our commitment not only revolves around an order and shipment, it revolves around building sustainable business relationships that are mutually beneficial to both of our companies.



Our experienced staff is here to provide you with unparalleled, professional service and innovative solutions that are critical to your operations and net margin - contact us today!

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 3214972-1 Trim Air Shutoff Valve (OHC)

1st Choice Aerospace Dual Release
May 2020
Aeromexico Trace

2341926-2 737NG NGS Ozone Converter

Honeywell Dual Release, June 2020
Swift Air Trace

For more information on either of these parts, please contact us at +1 847 740 2216, or

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