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CF34 Engines


If you are supporting CF34 engines, the following products are available to you in new or overhauled condition. Part numbers in red indicate in stock availability.


Hydraulic Oil Cooler (-8 engines) (UA543097-5)


Fuel/Oil Heat Exchanger (-10 engines) (UA544051-3)


IDG Air/Oil Cooler (-10E engines) (UA544142 -1, 494-1)


With Triumph Thermal Systems’ in-house design, development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities, along with NewGenAerospace’s quality service, innovative programs and distribution networks, our partnership is uniquely able to bring solutions to you faster than anyone else in the business.


NewGenAerospace is the aftermarket distributor of TTS' factory new material, rotable product and piece parts. Additionally, NewGenAerospace can facilitate the repairs of TTS products and reduce the shop-turn-time to zero with an in-house, customized exchange pool. For the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan markets, NewGenAerospace is the exclusive distributor.

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